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InfoChip DuraPlug9.5 RFID tag available for Oilfield

InfoChip’s latest RFID tag, the DuraPlug9.5, has been tested and released for use in oilfield applications. This revolutionary ultra-durable, patented design is the most cost-effective way to embed RFID into metal assets.

InfoChip Bluetooth Easy Reader

InfoChip, the world’s leading RFID asset management total solution provider, announced the release of its latest RFID product, the Class 1 Div 2 hazloc-certified Bluetooth Easy Reader.

InfoChip adds Sniper device for NFC smartphones

A simple add-on adapter for NFC phones cuts the cost of equipping staff with a reader for InfoChip’s 8mm industrial tags by more than half, the company says, and will “bring profound revolution in safety compliance, inspection management and industrial asset management”.